Cheerp includes a wrapper script that sets up a proper environment to let autoconf-based (i.e. configure) build systems work with Cheerp.

Let’s consider the common build instructions:

Terminal window
./configure --prefix=/some/system/path

If you have Cheerp installed on your system you can take advantage of cross compilation support by using the --host command line switch and the cheerpwrap script.

Terminal window
/opt/cheerp/bin/cheerpwrap ./configure --prefix=/some/system/path --host=cheerp-unknown-none
/opt/cheerp/bin/cheerpwrap make

The --host=cheerp-unknown-none option tells configure that you are doing a cross compilation build, so that the system will use prefixed tools such as cheerp-unknown-none-gcc to compile the project. The cheerpwrap script sets environment variable such as PATH to make such executables available to configure and make. The prefixed executables are installed by default in the /opt/cheerp/libexec/ directory.

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