Mark a function, class, or struct to be compiled to JavaScript

From WebAssembly it is not possible to call any browser APIs - not even the basic client::console.log.

Instead, you can mark functions, classes, and structs with the [[cheerp::genericjs]] attribute to have them be compiled into JavaScript. You can call browser APIs in genericjs functions.

Specifically, functions marked with [[cheerp::genericjs]] will be placed in the genericjs section.


#include <cheerp/clientlib.h>
// This function will be compiled to JavaScript
[[cheerp::genericjs]] int domOutput(const char* str) {
client::String* s = new client::String(str);
// Also add it to the DOM for good measure
return s->get_length();
// This function will be compiled to WebAssembly
void webMain() {
int len = domOutput("Hello WASM!");
assert(len == 11);
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