Web Worker APIs

Deprecation notice
CheerpJ 2 is deprecated. Consider migrating to CheerpJ 3 .

JavaScript Web Worker API


The main entry point for CheerpJ workers is the CheerpJWorker JS interface. It is a normal JS object and it is possible to instantiate it multiple times.

var w = new CheerpJWorker();
w.cheerpjInit().then(function (e) {
console.log("CheerpJWorker is ready");

For more information visit the Using Web Workers guide.


cheerpjRunMain(className, classPath, ...)

Runs a Java main method in the WebWorker context

w.cheerpjRunMain("ClassName", classPath, arg1, arg2).then(...)


cjCall(objOrClassNameOrInvoker, methodName, ...)

Executes a static Java method in the WebWorker content

w.cjCall("ClassName", "methodName", arg1, arg2).then(...)


cjResolveCall(className, methodName, types)

Uses Java reflection to resolve the method and returns an opaque handle to it. This handle can then be used multiple times without using Java reflection again.

w.cjResolveCall("ClassName", "methodName", null).then( // or array of parameter types if methodName is not unique
function(resolvedMethod) {
w.cjCall(resolvedMethod, arg1, arg2);



Used to download files from the CheerpJ filesystem. It returns a promise that eventually resolve to a Blob object, which can be downloaded with standard HTML5 techniques.


AddStringFile(fileName, str)

Used to add files into the /str/ mount point filesystem.

Java Web Worker API


Initializes the Worker object, this method is blocking.

Worker w = new Worker();


Runs the main method of the given class in the Web Worker context, this method is blocking.

String className, String classPath, Object… argNone
w.runMain("Hello", "");

call / callI / callD / callL (for static method)

Runs the given static method in the Web Worker context, this method is blocking

callI, callD and callL should be used when primitives are expected.

callString className, String methodName, Object… argObject
callIString className, String methodName, Object… argInt
callDString className, String methodName, Object… argDouble
callLString className, String methodName, Object… argLong


Returns an handle to a resolved method, this method is blocking.

String className, String methodName, String[] typesObject

call / callI / WcallD / callL (for resolved method)

Runs the given resolved method handle in the Web Worker context, this method is blocking

callObject resolvedFunc, , Object… argObject
callIObject resolvedFunc, , Object… argInt
callDObject resolvedFunc, , Object… argDouble
callLObject resolvedFunc, , Object… argLong

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