CheerpJ JNLP Runner

Run Java Web Start
apps in the browser

Unleash the power of CheerpJ in an easy-to-use browser extension!

Run Java Web Start Applications, including Oracle E-Business Suite and Oracle Forms Applications, without a Java Desktop installation.

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What is CheerpJ JNLP Runner?

The CheerpJ JNLP Runner browser extension, available for Chrome and Edge, can run Java Web Start (JWS) applications without a local Java Desktop installation. This browser extension, based on the CheerpJ technology, is designed to replace the local Java Desktop installation, and run Java Web Start applications within the browser, without Java.

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No Java installations

CheerpJ JNLP Runner is a browser extension that saves you from installing an outdated, insecure desktop Java installation.

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Modern Browsers

Our extension is available for Chrome and Edge. Ready to cover your JWS needs in the most trusted browsers.

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Our technology works within the browser security boundaries making it highly reliable and safe.

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Private and secure

The extension runs fully client-side (i.e. it does not contact any server), and does not collect any data or analytics at all. All your data, as well as your application, are kept within the boundaries of your browser.

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Wide range of utilities

CheerpJ JNLP Runner covers all your Java needs, including Swing/AWT, filesystem support, audio, clipboard, networking and more.

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Easy to use

Using our browser extension could not be easier. Just install, launch your JNLP app as usual, and the extension will automatically start working.


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