Chrome Installation

Install CheerpJ JNLP Runner for Chrome

This tutorial will take you step by step on installing the CheerpJ JNLP Runner extension for Chrome.

Add to Chrome

Step 1

Go to the Chrome Web Store JNLP Runner page and click Add to Chrome.

It will prompt a dialogue asking permission to manage your browser’s downloads, then click again on add to Chrome.

About downloads permission
CheerpJ JNLP Runner needs to see your downloads. This is because the classic way to run JNLP applications is by triggering the download of its corresponding JNLP file. When CheerpJ JNLP Runner detects the download of a JNLP file it will start working with your Java application.

Step 2

Once the extension is installed you will see the small logo to the right of the browsing bar. If the logo is not there, click on the puzzle icon to see all your installed extensions, it should appear there. Here you can pin the extension to always make it appear visible in your browser menu.

Step 3

Your CheerpJ JNLP extension must be already installed on your browser. The next step is to validate your license, please visit the activate your license tutorial.

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