Activate your license

Activate your extension license

This tutorial will guide you step by step on how to activate your JNLP Runner extension license.

Step 1

The first time you launch a JNLP file to run a Java application, the JNLP Runner will automatically detect it and it will start running. The first screen you will see is the license agreement. Please read this carefully and if you agree with the terms and conditions, click on Accept license.

Step 2

After accepting the license, you will be asked for a license key or license token in order to activate your license.

Free trial license key

You can obtain your license key via email after registering your free trial. Please click on the link start your free trial where you will be redirected to the Leaning Technologies shop where you can request your license key.

Offline activation via License Token

If you already have a license token, please click on Offline activation via License Token and enter your valid token.

Step 3

If your license key or license token is valid, you will be able to continue using the extension under the agreed terms and conditions. Please visit the next tutorial using the JNLP Runner for the first time.