Using the extension for the first time

Tutorial for first-time users

This tutorial will guide you on the basic functionalities of the JNLP Runner extension. We assume you have installed the extension on Chrome or Edge and you have already activated your license.

The home screen

When the JNLP Runner extension detects that a JNLP file has been triggered it will show the screen below in a new tab. This screen displays a few options alongside the license’s owner and the JNLP filename.

Start application button

If this button is selected, the JNLP Runner will start executing your Java application, you will see a loading screen and after just a few seconds you will see your application running in the browser.

Download file button

This button starts a download of your JNLP file directly to your machine.

Start automatically next time

You can skip the home screen and directly start running your Java applications next time by checking this option.

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