CheerpJ is free to use for personal projects, most non-commercial applications, and for technical evaluations.

  • Individuals can use CheerpJ for free. This includes:
    • Most open-source projects
    • Personal projects that generate income
    • Public-facing applications (such as games, educational applications, etc.)
  • Academic and non-profit organisations: please enquire for eligibility
  • For all other organisations (commercial, public sector, etc.):


  • Example 1: You are using CheerpJ for a personal open-source project. Free license.
  • Example 2: You are a company and you want to use CheerpJ to build a free customer-facing application. You require a license.
  • Example 3: You are a company and you want to use CheerpJ to build a web application for internal use. You require a license.
  • Example 4: You are a company and are evaluating CheerpJ to be used for a future commercial project. Free license.
  • Example 5: You are a public sector, not-for-profit, or academic organisation. Contact us.
  • Example 6: You are an individual developer building a commercial project. Free license.

Technical evaluations

If an application is not seen by internal or external users, it is considered a technical evaluation. This includes:

  • An application that is not yet in production
  • An application that is not yet available to the public

This does not include:

  • An internal application that is used by employees


If you wish to self-host CheerpJ, you will need a license. Contact us for more information.

System Integrators (SIs), Resellers and Distributors, OEMs

Please contact us directly to discuss OEM or Reseller licences.

If you are not sure whether you require a license, contact us.

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