3.0 - February 1, 2024

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  • Support all Java opcodes in the JIT
  • Better support for missing JNI symbols
  • Improved support for socket syscalls
  • Support for loading native libraries as JavaScript modules
  • Support zero-copy passing of primitive arrays in library mode
  • Restore support for image filtering
  • Restore support for printing
  • Optimized font handling
  • Improved error message when server does not support content ranges

3.0rc2 - November 29, 2023

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  • Reduced verbosity of debug messages
  • Support for synchronised methods in the JIT
  • Restored support for AWT to the same level as CheerpJ 2.3
  • Improved reflection support
  • Support for Web Workers (just use importScripts)
  • Improved clipboard support
  • Improved library mode with support object field access, arrays, instanceof, quality-of-life and debugging
  • Improved support for fonts
  • Improved support for class loaders
  • Fixed preloading support
  • Support for ClassCastException
  • cheerpjAddStringFile deprecated, renamed to cheerpOSAddStringFile

3.0rc1 - October 18, 2023

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  • Completely new JIT-based architecture
    • Removed AOT compiler
  • Full classloader support
  • New scalable JNI architecture (cheerpjInit natives option)
  • Library mode (cheerpjRunLibrary)
    • Removed cjCall and cjNew
  • cheerpjInit is now asynchronous
  • cheerpj-dom.jar removed
  • cheerpjRunJarWithClasspath removed
  • CheerpJWorker removed (3.0rc2 adds support for importScripts)
  • com.leaningtech.handlers HTTP handler no longer needed. HTTP(S) requests just work

Previous versions

CheerpJ 3.0 was a major architectural rewrite of CheerpJ.

For previous versions, see the CheerpJ 2.x changelog.

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