List resources that were loaded

Returns a JavaScript string representing the data that should be passed to preloadResources. Once parsed, it is an object containing the filenames that have been loaded from the runtime up to the time this function is called.

See startup time optimization for more information.

function cjGetRuntimeResources(): string;
This function is intended for use in the browser console. It is not intended to be called from within your application.


cjGetRuntimeResources does not take any parameters.


cjGetRuntimeResources returns a string representing the files that have been loaded from the runtime.

Parse this string with JSON.parse and pass it as preloadResources in future page loads.


In the browser console, type:

Terminal window

The output would look like this:

'{"/lts/file1.jar":[int, int, ...], "/lts/file2.jar":[int,int, ...]}';